Treat yourself to a little color & a lot of smiles :D

I thought I would start off the first of the week with a reminder to everyone to take the time “to smell…or at least enjoy looking at… the roses.”  Roses, in this case, meaning any flower that you enjoy.  Last month my husband Greg & I celebrated our 27th anniversary.  We were both crazy busy with work; he with his usual 60-or-so hours a week and I camped out in my workshop painting up inventory to stock my booth at The Factory.  We really hadn’t planned to do anything much for each other, as money was a bit tight and we were both so busy.  So imagine my surprise that, while I had come inside to fix a quick lunch, my sweet husband came around the corner with the sweetest card and a beautiful bouquet of hydrangea and gerbera daisies…two of my favorites!  It was such a sweet and simple gesture that totally made my day.  He knows me well; and it meant a lot that he picked flowers he knew I would love.  When I thanked him for buying “me” flowers (me, here, being an adjective), he knew exactly what I meant.  : )



As you see in the pictures above, I divided the bunch into two separate arrangements and flanked either side of our fireplace mantel with them.  They looked great…for a couple of days.  Then the gerberas just sort of bowed their heads in defeat and went the way of all cut flowers…to the compost bucket.  The hydrangeas were hanging in there though, and since I had loved their cool blues with the vivid pink, I decided to try and replicate a similar look.  Here is the good part….  I went to Kroger to pick up a few things, and there in the “reduced” bucket in the floral area were these beautiful hot pink alstroemeria lilies…FOR A DOLLAR!  I decided to go for it, and brought home the bunch, which joined the hydrangea until they keeled over a few days later.  The lilies were still looking great, so I kept them in the two separate containers and thoroughly enjoyed them until they died…TEN DAYS later!  I had them on the mantel; I moved one bunch to the plant stand on my front porch, along with a silver bowl of eggs for Easter, put one on an indoor plant stand…pretty much wherever I wanted to add a punch of color. 


A sweet & simple Easter welcome on the front porch


I love seeing these through my foyer window everytime I walk by.


Just a spot of color by the French doors that lead to our backyard.


I love fresh flowers and try to treat myself with them whenever I find a good deal.  If you love them too, don’t think they are just for special occasions!  There are always great deals to be found to give yourself a treat; you just have to look for them.  Admittedly, ten days for a dollar is about the best I have ever done!  But I will stay on the lookout for good deals to bring this little touch of beauty – and a lot of enjoyment on my part – to our home.  Hope you will too! 

Hope today is a great start to your week!




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