Cinderella is ready for the ball…

I get a feeling of great satisfaction in bringing an old piece of furniture back to life… in walking into a thrift store or garage sale, or driving by a curb-side “treasure” and seeing potential in what most people might not even notice or consider redeemable.  It is apparently a quirky trait I was born with.  I have always been drawn to such things. Leave the fine things for someone…my heart wants the “junk.”

Such was the case when I entered the Atlanta Union Mission here in Athens last Saturday.  I had been at a ladies brunch at our church that morning, and on my way home got a call from the hubs that I NEEDED to come by the store.  He would wait.  Needless to say this peaked my curiosity.  When I walked in, he showed me a couple of things which were definitely candidates for a re-do, but nothing I couldn’t have lived without.  Then, he took me to the back, pointed, and said something like, “This is what you’ll want to see.”  Oh that man knows me TOO well!  After years of my rubber-necking as we drive by a Goodwill donation box, or sometimes by a dumpster, he has learned my  “style” – which runs the gamut I might add.  Anyway, there she was…Cinderella – the one in the ash pit;  NOT the one in the coach.  She was very sturdy, had good bones and a crazy vintage style which I fell in love with.  But in truth, she was pretty ugly – sporting a 1960’s “faux” finish, sort of a chartreuse – with black splatter spots.  Then, when we took the price tag off, which had been stuck to the front, the finish came off with it.  This girl needed a make-over…bad.  And there I was, just the girl for the job.

Here are a couple of “before” pics to give you an idea…



Getting Cinde ready for the ball was a laborious process.  That girl needed serious help:  Two coats of base color, two coats of accent color, a thick application of paint to certain areas to give them texture which the dark wax would emphasize… plus applications of clear & tinted wax and the addition of a metallic wax application in some strategic areas… then, a lot of buffing. Three days of intense “beauty treatment” and she is finally ready to be revealed. 

 Ladies and gentlemen… the belle of the ball…




Cinde is so proud of her new look, she even agreed to some indoor close-ups, with lighting, to emphasize the details and metallic accents….





In a separate blog, I will provide some before & after pics of the paint treatments.  Seeing things in progress lets you understand how the end product develops.  But I didn’t want to make this blog too long; plus Cinde gets to be revealed without giving away all of her beauty secrets right off the bat!  : )

I leave you with one last shot of the beautiful Cinderella, just before she steps into her carriage to go to The Factory Antiques…and then, hopefully home with someone who will enjoy her transformation as much as I enjoyed giving it to her. Beauty from the cinders…Sound familiar? 


Be inspired…





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8 responses to “Cinderella is ready for the ball…

  1. Sherri

    Beautiful! You did a great job!

  2. Very nice job! It’s rockin’.

  3. Really nice. Great colors, and the metallic is done to perfection.

  4. love it! following along! visiting from!


  6. So pretty!! My dining room table legs are the same design as the posts on your headboard!! I’ve also repainted mine {white!}

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