Just DO IT!

This weekend, I have learned a lesson… At 48, I can’t push my body too hard and not expect consequences.  Working really hard these last few months to get things up and running, and battling with a dresser on a custom job for a customer this week, has taken its toll. Not to mention, being out in my workshop in this Georgia heat hasn’t helped a bit. Muscle aches and fatigue have slowed me down the last few days; so I decided to work on some smaller projects until I am up and running again.  One of these is the “dream” banner, below.


I made my first one last week and took it over and installed it in my booth at The Factory late Friday afternoon.  It sold Saturday morning.  I can tell you, it makes this creative girl a happy camper when that happens!  I originally made it thinking it would go in someone’s bedroom over the bed, or in a nursery, etc.  But the lady who purchased it bought it to use at a wedding reception.  Since then, I have learned these are really popular at weddings and other events right now; so, of course, I decided to work on some more this weekend.  After all, it’s wedding season!  Strike while the iron is hot, you know.


(Two finished & one in progress)


(I love these vintage materials…linen, mother-of-pearl buttons and French ribbon)


(adding a Duck Egg blue version…so pretty)


Much like when I created the beloved Cinde (see previous post), in making the banner, I went off an idea in my head… and the inspiration of colors and materials that I knew I liked.  I thought both the bed and the banner would look good when finished; but I really didn’t know until I put these ideas into place.  Until executing them; they were just concepts in my head.  For too long, I have carried around concepts in my head without doing anything about them, for fear they wouldn’t come out like I thought they would.  Fear… it is the killer of creativity…and dreams…and so many other things.  But really, what was there to be afraid of?  You paint something…  It doesn’t turn out like you think it should…SO WHAT?!  Paint it over!  Rethink an idea…redo a technique.  Failure at a creative endeavor is not the end of the world.  But FEAR of failure can be…maybe not of the world; but certainly of a dream.  Fear keeps us from doing so many things that might otherwise bring us such joy.  Then, mustering up your courage, you go out on a limb and you know what’s waiting there?  Success!  Even, if it’s just success in your own heart.  Having that beautiful headboard…and that sweet banner…sell within hours of becoming available to the customer is rewarding and brings its own sense of success with it.  Having Cinde’s new owner buy a matching nightstand 24 hours later and ooh&ahhh over it at delivery, wasn’t bad either!  😀   But the bigger achievement, is to produce what you design in your head… and then LOVE IT, yourself!  I hoped these things would sell; but whether they did or not, I loved them anyway.  That is success to me.  Overcoming the inhibition, “What if it doesn’t turn out like I think it should?” and moving into JUST DO IT!


(Cinde’s matching nightstand)



The purpose in writing this isn’t just to give you my success story; because honestly, that is still being written…but to hopefully inspire you in yours.  What have you been thinking of doing? What desire have you carried around in your heart but haven’t started on yet?  What fear is keeping you from “just doing it”?  Whatever it is… LET IT GO!  Go for it! There is much joy in just doing what you love; whether anyone ever validates it for you or not.  But chances are, if it’s a passion you have carried around for a while, it isn’t there by accident.  It’s part of who you are…who you were created to be.  So use it!  Overcome the fear and step out on faith.  I read a quote recently that said something like this…We are not what we do. We do what we do because of who we are.  I paint and create and decorate because these things are part of who I am, who I was created to be.  Look at your passions…those things that come naturally to you…that you love to do…and DO them!  They are a part of you for a reason.  Give yourself the freedom to fail and you just might find success right around the corner.

 Don’t just ….


Don’t just….




Be inspired…be inspiring,




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6 responses to “Just DO IT!

  1. Linda Miller

    Hey girl! thank you for the punch in the arm. As you know, I let fear freeze me in my tracks. I need to come visit and get you to help me figure out what do to for Nancy’s room…Miss. Pinkalicious in rare form. Keep up the super work! I’m excited for your mile stones. Love Linda

    • Thank you, sweet friend. You know I would love for you to come visit! We will figure out something deliciously pink for your little one. Did you see the very pink lamp I did with the birds on the wire shade? It’s really fun. Love you!

    • I think that duck egg set is the most beautiful job and creation I’ve ever seen! Congrats! Did want to say I had a hard time reading the text with the red/white background. I had to cut and paste onto a blank page to read it carefully. Maybe it is just my old eyes!

  2. Your furniture turned out so beautiful. Glad you just did it!

  3. wow! all of this looks amazed! I honestly am NOT surprised 🙂 God has given you SO many amazed gifts!

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