Birds on a Wire

Funky Junk Interiors…   is hosting a “Bird themed projects” link party today; so, I thought I would do a feature on a fun little lamp I created to go in the Recycled Life booth at The Factory antiques store where I sell my creations.


(I always forget to take “before” pics; but you get the idea here.)

I had purchased this vintage lamp a while back, holding on to it until I could decide what to do with it.  I also collect old lamp shades & shade frames, hoarding holding on to those until I am inspired as to what to do with them.  Recently, I thought it might be fun to do a bare shade frame on the lamp, with some birds attached to the shade frame.  That was about as far as I got, except for some reason, being drawn to doing the lamp pink.  Having these ideas in mind, I went on a hunt for birds that might work for the shade.  This proved to be a harder feat than I imagined, as (here in Athens, at least) the selection of “faux” birds was limited. In fact, all I could find that I actually liked were small birds sold in sets of two, with the predominant color of… pink!  ( I knew it was a sign good idea!)

Next was to decide what color – and paint – to use.  I am an avid fan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).  I must be since I drive an hour – one way – from Athens to get it!  It is expensive, but amazing paint; and it will adhere to any surface.  I love the ease of working with ASCP, but since it comes in a fairly limited color pallet, I knew I’d have to mix my own colors to get the shade I wanted;  so, that’s just what I did.  The color turned out an amazing shade of deep pink, really rich and vibrant.  After getting the right color mixed up, I painted the lamp all over, including the finial on top (which didn’t originally come with the lamp, but matched the pattern in the shaft of the lamp wonderfully.)

Next, I was on to the shade. The frame and harp on the lamp didn’t match, nor did the light socket or key switch, and I wanted all the metal shade parts to have the same metallic finish.

Three mismatched metal finishes needed to come together.

(Three mismatched shades of metal needed to come together.)

I went to my trusty metallic wax to do just the trick.  The lamp harp, shade frame, bulb socket and key switch all got a pretty new silver finish which gave them all the same look.  I also used the silver finish wax (Rub-n-buff brand), to highlight the features on the lamp base and finial.  I really liked where this lamp was heading.

Then, the finishing touch… Adding the birds (wired to the frame), which finished this pretty little lamp off in the “tweetest” way.    (Oh yes I did just say that! ; )

(It’s a bit hard to photograph as, since it’s just the wire frame, you see everything in the background.  Trust me when I say, it’s adorable in person!)

One of the things I love about doing what I do, is putting together a piece such as this, or painting a fabulous find, and then putting them at a price point ($49) that makes it a win/win for the artist and the customer.  After completing Birds on a Wire, I found this lamp at The Conran Shop, an on-line store.

Very cute; but it weighs in at the whopping price of $595! Wow!  What a value those little pink birds on the wire are!  And the best part is, every time I walk up to the lamp, I get the feeling those birds are just going to lift off – all together – and take flight;  and this makes me smile.  And isn’t  the point of good design that it should be enjoyed?  I think so!   : )

Be inspired, be inspiring…


One last look…

Shown here with a cfl bulb (required at the store), but a filament bulb would make a softer & more stylish look.

The perfect accent in a room for every age girl.  How cute would this be in a nursery or in a pink-themed teen’s room? Answer…. VERY!


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