“Murder” – An unlikely inspiration? :D

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I have to confess that I spent a large part of my weekend working on banners in front of the TV, watching the Murder She Wrote marathon on the Hallmark Channel.  My husband has been working 12-14 hour days lately, due to being shorthanded on staff; so he requested a relaxing, laid-back weekend to just “chill.”  I was happy to comply!  So, while he napped – a lot – Jessica Fletcher and I spent the weekend together.  : )

I always wanted to go to Cabot Cove!

Oh, how I hope I age a beautifully as Angela Lansbury!  She is such an inspiration to me.  Did you know she STARTED this series when she was FIFTY-NINE years old?  It ran twelve years (1984-1996) and she continued to make the MSW movies until 2003, when she was 78 years old!  Wow!  I will turn 50 next year (though I have a hard time believing it!) and am just in the beginning of fulfilling a long-held dream of having a painted furniture/home decor business, including space in a terrific antique store near Athens, GA.  I have to say, it’s pretty exciting!  Mrs. Lansbury took the idea of the MSW show, and ran with it; making it a successful venture for 19 years.  I hope I am able to do the same thing with RLI.

She is so beautiful here. Those eyes….

Part of what will make Recycled Life Interiors a successful venture, is growing readership of this blog, as well as growing our customer base for fabulous furniture and home accessory pieces.  In other words, I hope to obtain a great “cast” of readers & customers, some of them real “characters”, to share this experience with!  In addition, success will also come with happy readers who are learning how to stretch their own creative processes.  In that vein, coming tomorrow is a painting tutorial to guide you in a fun and creative process.  I hope to teach you how to take your own pieces in need of revival, or fabulous thrifty finds that could use updating to the current decade, and make them into just the piece you need to transform a room into your absolute favorite place to be.

What would Jessica have been without Dr. Seth Hazlett, Sheriff Mort Metzger (and former sheriff Amos Tupper), Eve Simmons the realtor, and a whole cast of characters (both literally and figuratively) providing the inspiration for     her stories?!

I’ll be covering the painting techniques I used in the beautiful transformation of “Cinde”, the thrift-store-find, king sized headboard. Since this was by far the most-read entry here on the blog, I figured it was a good place to start!  [See previous blog post: Cinderella is Ready for the Ball, where you’ll see the before and after pics of where she started and where she ended up.]  The painting tutorial coming tomorrow will fill in the blanks in between, and show you just how she got there.  So come back for some detailed instruction and pics on the transformation process.  Hopefully, like Jessica Fletcher, I’ll unravel the mystery of Cinde’s update for you and provide you all the clues on how it was accomplished.  ; )

Until then, I wonder how Jessica is going to solve this next mystery…

Be inspired.  Be inspiring,



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